CariFree®: Oral pH in Balance


CariFree® is a revolutionary dental product line that balances the bacteria in your mouth for a healthier pH level. Once the chemical makeup inside your mouth is healthy and stable, CariFree products have been scientifically proven to prevent cavities.

They also offer solutions for sensitive teeth and dry mouth, and xylitol gum in addition to gels, rinses and sprays that keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Garrison Family Dentistry carries the CariFree product line because Dr. Garrison and Dr. Alissa Becknell have seen so much improvement in the oral health of our patients.

Cavities are caused by bacterial and acidic imbalances in the mouth, but when dentists fill cavities, only the result of the imbalance is being treated—the actual imbalance is not addressed at all.

Until quite recently, it was believed that favorable oral hygiene removed bacteria and eliminated decay from the mouth—but it’s more complicated than that. The elevated pH of CariFree products neutralizes decay-causing acids, solving the problem at its source.

If you would like to find out more about CariFree products or ask any questions about the oral-systemic link to wellness, contact us today!

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